2 mistakes that impacts

lead generation.

Best Website Company - 2 Mistakes With lead generation.

A landing page is a single website page that is connected to your Digital Ad, such as Google AdWords, Facebook or Instagram Ads.  It’s basically connected to the ‘Click Here’ or ‘Learn More’ button.

mistake # 1 - Ads are redirecting to a generic website page

Don’t redirect your Ad to a generic website page, that includes information about other products and services. Design a targeted landing page and don’t be lazy.

mistake # 2 - Landing pages have poor images & appeal

A great looking Ad and poor quality landing page is a recipe for failure. You need to put in the time and effort to source professional Images, add video and make it easy to read or suffer a poor return on Investment.

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outsource lead generation?

I will design the ads, build the landing page/s and can target your desired audience via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google.

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Best Website Company – 2 mistakes that hurts sales