2 mistakes that can

impact scale.

Best Website Company - 2 Mistakes That can hurt scale.

In this video, I discuss how you can leverage ChatBots to save you so much time and scale up. 

Mistake # 1 - Not adding Chatbots to your website.

Chatbots are faster than humans and never make errors. Importantly, they can attend to website visitors 24/7 each day. You have an opportunity to have your website visitors serviced each day with your involvement.

mistake # 2 - Not having live chat on your website.

There are two options for you. One is to buy access to a software program such as Pipedrive or embed Facebook Messenger onto your website. They start to chat away.

would you like to

scale up & begin to use a CRM, sales pipeline, Chat Bot, Live Chat & more?

I will help set it all up for you and coach you on how to best use them.

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Best Website Company – 2 Mistakes That hurts scale