Why Daily Huddles?

The Daily Huddle is designed to increase speed and alignment for the whole company. It’s a 10-minute investment that yields a huge ROP (Return on Payroll). And if anyone tells you they’re too busy to huddle, you know you need to huddle more than ever. Keep the meeting short – these daily meetings should never last more than 15 minutes, as the team leader you need to keep it short and sweet.

Peer To Peer Boards

When running any form of business today, you naturally want to keep improving and progressing.

This often needs you to be ready to keep moving forward, to never get left behind by industry changes. That, naturally, can be a hard thing to get right. For many, though, the secret is to join a peer to peer executive board.

Virtual Meeting Tips

Strategic planning sessions can be very difficult to run on your own in person, let alone a virtual strategic planning session. My thirteen years of experience has allowed me to work with thousands of plans and I know the best practices that help your virtual team get aligned. The strategic planning process is often best left to the experts, especially if you are under pressure to hit the targets outlined in your business plan.

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