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The fact is that you can build sales skills, and it just takes time and patience.

Let’s discuss what you can do to build up your sales capability intentionally. 

The sales leader’s role is to grow people and not sales, and this article addresses three different sales techniques that may help you.

There are 3 types of sales coaching calls that can help your team.

# 1 - Training Calls

Here the sales manager takes the lead during the call to show how it should be done. Other than being introduced to the prospect or client, this (in training) salesperson is essentially a silent observer.

After demonstrating “how to,” the sales leader debriefs the salesperson after each call. “What went right” and “what went wrong” are thoroughly discussed so that the salesperson can see the dynamics involved.

# 2 - Joint Calls

A sales manager and salesperson both participate in these calls. Each person contributes appropriately. Often these calls are used in reestablishing a relationship or introducing the sales leader to customers. 

Joint calls are also effective for gathering information about market activity, the competition, and the customer wants and needs. How well your company is meeting those needs can be ascertained on a joint call.

# 3 - Coaching Calls

in these instances the sales leader plays a role of observer and the salesperson conducts the call. The introduction of the manager usually should be done in a low-key manner. 

If he or she is unknown to the prospect, simply introduce the manager as an associate of the salesperson.

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