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Virtual CFO Services.

Our expertise and knowledge in this area means that you will receive outsourced CFO services that are individually tailored to your business’ requirements, and upheld to the highest professional standard.

We provide an affordable option to those entities that seek an on-demand or part-time CFO.

We provide an affordable solution to those that are not yet ready to hire a full time CFO and brilliant for growing businesses. Usually reporting to the CEO and supporting the Management team, the role of the Virtual CFO is to assess, plan and teach growing business leader how to best position the growth of the organisation.  We can work for a day a month or as you need and the great news is that we can work online, side by side and are available on the phone and encourage you to call us to discuss your needs.

Virtual CFO Services

cash management

This service enables clients to better understand how to maximise their cash flow position.

expense management

This service assists clients to reduce any unnecessary expenses and improve profit margins.

Planning & Budgeting

This service supports clients to intentionally predict their financial position and maintain better controls.


This service enables clients to challenge the current thinking and ensure that they have a robust growth plan.

KPI Management

This service supports growing businesses to establish staffing KPI's and metrics to elevate the quality of measurement.


This service supports those growing businesses that embark on a growth trajectory and need CFO experience.


This services supports those clients that are thinking of selling their business and require assistance.

Business Investment

This service offers clients the ability for our team to prepare Investment, bank proposals and act on their behalf.

What We Offer.

Please find the below packages and happy to tailor a solution for you.

$ 300
  • Quality Preparation Of Agreed Financial & Operating Reporting Budget Vs. Actual
  • Quarterly Advisory Meeting (60 Minutes)
  • Quarterly Recommendations & Improvement Advice
  • Additional Request (P.O.A)
$ 500
  • Monthly Preparation Of Agreed Financial & Operating Reporting Budget Vs. Actual
  • Monthly Advisory Meeting (60 Minutes)
  • Monthly Recommendations & Improvement Advice
  • Additional Request (P.O.A)
$ 1200
  • Detailed Accounts Reviews
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Operational Review
  • Staff / KPI Reviews
  • Capital Raise
  • Change Management
  • Board Reporting & Meetings

What Can A Virtual CFO Help You With?

A CFO is responsible for the financial measurement systems that drive your business. 

We have a seat at the table and can help you;

  • measure what matters to your business and analyses the numbers and trends;
  • let you know when preventative actions are required and help your management to create thorough processes, forecasts, and plans;
  • ensure that your cash flow is managed so well that you never run out of cash or need to borrow hastily;
  • report on profitability compared with targets and makes sure you operate with compliance to relevant laws; and
  • liaises with you and the key decision-makers and can become a critical strategic adviser.

We are not full time employees and can agree on a set number of hours per month.

Our team can work online or form part of your team.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you.

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What Clients Think?

"If you value intelligence, loyalty and skills, then you need to see this team. They are very affordable and the best in my books."

Amanda K.

"I cannot thank the team enough. They manage to set my company up and give me the advice I needed to start my business. I recommend them to anyone".

Michael R.

"These guys don't rip you off and know their stuff. They were perfect for us and happy to recommend them to anyone"

Sue P.

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