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The Gazelles’ One Page Strategic Plan is one of the most popular strategic planning templates available on the market today.

Created by Verne Harnish in his book, “Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It…and Why the Rest Don’t,” this approach to strategic planning is meant to help businesses simplify their strategic priorities and create a plan that is both actionable and effective for growth.

The 3 Tenets of the 'One Page Strategic Plan' Approach

Gazelles’ One Page Strategic Plan is designed to help businesses make the decisions that will best support their growth goals. The decisions can be broken down into the following broad categories:

#1 Strategic Priorities

Defined as ‘Rocks’, strategic priorities define the actions and the involved stakeholders for the business’s quarterly activities. 

Executives are asked to complete a Core Values/Beliefs section, as well as a Purpose section, to define the direction of the organisation moving forward.

Building on this foundation, Executives then complete five ‘Rocks,’ or quarterly objectives, and assign an accountable party to each Rock. 

By limiting Executives to five priorities per quarter, the Gazelles system is meant to encourage focus on the largest drivers of organisational growth.

# 2 Resource Allocation

In this phase, Executives are tasked with remunerating the people involved with execution, assigning accountable parties to Rocks, and determining the critical number of people necessary to achieve objectives. 

The purpose of the exercise is for executives to gain insight into the productivity and utilisation of their employees. 

Upon seeing how many employees are aligned with strategic Rocks and how many are not, executives can re-allocate employees to the organisation’s highest priority objectives.

# 3 Financial Viability

In this phase, we explore both the key financial drivers of the organisation at large, as well as the financial impact of the organisation’s headcount.

The One Page Strategic Plan includes current and expected financial metrics from the balance and income sheets, including revenue targets, profit margin, cash, accounts receivable, inventory turnover, and revenue per employee.

By listing these financial drivers, executives can correlate the strategic priorities and allocate resources accordingly.

Building on the three themes listed above, Gazelles approach to strategic planning enables executives to explore a collection of key business drivers.

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